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About Us

LaClair & DeLuca is a highly concentrated family law practice with a particular focus on cases involving complex financial issues and contested custody litigation. We represent clients throughout the New York Capital Region and surrounding counties.
LaClair & DeLuca is a highly concentrated family law practice

Our Origin

Our founders – Cynthia LaClair and Lauren DeLuca – first met when they worked for a larger law firm in the region. Recognizing a complementary work style and shared approach to client service and the law, they collaborated on many matters, and eventually left the firm in 2016 to establish their own practice. LaClair & DeLuca has flourished from day one, growing substantially in both the number of clients we have assisted and the number of referrals that are entrusted to us by clients and colleagues alike.

Our Icon

You’ll see an image of a woman on our website, our letterhead and our business cards. If you have visited the firm, you’ll also note she is a statue in our office. She is Themis, the Goddess of Justice. Her blindfold represents impartiality. The scales represent fairness and balance. Her sword represents fearlessness. She stands atop snakes to represent the triumph of justice over injustice. She represents everything we believe in, and how we approach our work every day.

Our Commitment

LaClair & DeLuca is not a law factory. Before establishing a formal attorney-client relationship, we will meet with you personally for a consultation to learn more about your situation and determine whether we are the right firm for you. We opt to accept an extremely limited number of qualified cases at any given time, so that each client benefits from the full measure of our experience and attention.

We are committed to providing each client with the best possible representation. To that end, the partners of the firm work together on all cases. This affords you the benefits of our combined experience, our balanced perspectives, and our diligent attention. We know where every case stands, at any moment. With LaClair & DeLuca, you don’t simply hire an attorney. You gain the backing of an experienced law firm.