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Divorced Mom Creates Visual Shared-Custody Calendar for Kids

August 17, 2017

Divorce often pulls the rug out from under daily schedules and routines, which can be unsettling for children and exhausting for parents. A recent Popsugar.com article featured the Mighty + Bright Co-Parenting Calendar, created by mom Sara Olsher. Following her divorce, Olsher created the calendar to help children cope, especially those too young to understand the concept of time.

The Mighty + Bright Co-Parenting Calendar is a research-based tool designed to help children understand and keep track of custody schedules and unique routines of each parent’s household. Olsher recommended that for complex custody arrangements, each household should have its own. The calendar, available in weekly, biweekly and monthly formats or as a basic routine chart, uses magnets to represent parents, housing arrangements, activities and appointments. Additional magnets are sold separately. Check out calendars and magnet sets at mightyandbright.com

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