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The Impact of Emailing Your Former Partner

September 1, 2017

As courts are beginning to look more closely at forms of electronic communication, it may be worth taking some time to cool off if you are about to shoot your ex a nasty email. This was the case in a Canadian custody battle discussed in a recent article on HuffPost Canada.

In the case, a mother returned to her home of Germany and took the couple’s son without the Canadian father’s consent. After legal proceedings in Canada and Germany, the mother returned to Canada their son. Eventually, the Canadian court granted the father sole custody and the mother visitation on a specified schedule if she remained in Canada.

The court came to that decision after it scrutinized emails between the couple. While siding with the father, the court noted that both parties were guilty of being unreasonable. This was based on the mother’s emails “shouting” with an excessive number of exclamation points and use of harsh language; the father was faulted for “pushing” the mother to communicate when she didn’t want to respond to him.

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